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Up Close: Matthew H.

matt_bicycle Matthew came to us 1998. After being adopted from Russia, things weren’t working well with his family, and he came to stay at Hope House at the age of 10. He was highly energetic, intelligent, and got bored easily. Like many children at Hope House, he was also diagnosed with an attachment disorder. During high school, he showed an aptitude for computers. One of our staff at the time, Chris C., noticed this and worked it out so he could have more computer time if he was programming.

Matthew graduated high school, attended a local Christian college, and graduated with honors. Partially because of his hard work during high school, he was able to intern with Industrial Light and Magic, met with premier directors in Hollywood, and worked on several well-known projects. 545733_10200331692675583_1293737200_nAfter college, he worked with Google and was offered a full MIT scholarship based on a new algorithm he created, but he always had a heart to use his talents for God. So after he got married, he and his wife volunteered for two years in India, supporting charities and non-profits with media, computer and technology, and design.

Now, Matthew and his wife are back volunteering at Hope House for a time. They created the awesome video on our homepage and this new website!

Matt credits Hope House with helping him become the man he is today. He always says that his story shows the power even one individual (his staff member) has to change a life.


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