Our Program

Hope House is not like a conventional “facility” but is instead a home where the “program” is a family-like group living environment; based in Christian principals and Biblical Truths. Boys and girls live in separate dorms and most of the staff live onsite in their private home.

All of the children at Hope House are from adoptions that have not worked out. Some have social, emotional and neurological impairments as a result of early childhood trauma. Many of our children come from orphanages from other countries (Russia, Romania, Liberia, Brazil, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc) but a good percentage are born citizens as well. 

At Hope House daily life is very structured and planned in way that it is constantly supporting, guiding and reinforcing our youth’s ability to heal while learning daily living skills. For disruptive or inappropriate behaviors we focus on reinforcing natural consequences with compassion rather than punishments. For aggressive or assaultive behaviors the staff are trained in the Positive Control System (PCS) which includes mostly verbal strategies, however if needed physical restraint is used when it is necessary to keep the child and/or others safe.

Children are required to stay at Hope House for at least eighteen months. Many, however, stay 3-5 years and quite a few stay until they’re 18. Youth and parents/guardians are given the opportunity to have monthly phone calls and onsite and offsite visit as per our visitation policy. Some children are able to begin the mutual process of repairing and restoring their relationship with their adoptive families but most will never return to live in their adoptive home. As per Hope House policy youth living at Hope House are not available for adoption.

Children attend Hope Christian Academy (HCA), a private, accredited school located onsite. All students receive an Individual Education Plan (IEP) to address their specific academic, behavioral, and/or social needs in school. Because of the disruption most children have been through, a good percentage are behind in schoolwork. The school also has a vibrant athletic program which includes boys’ & girls’ basketball, flag football for boys, volleyball for girls, and co-ed softball.

One of the greatest joys of working at Hope House is the fact that the staff are encouraged to share their faith in Christ with the children. Spirituality plays a very important role in the healing process. Religious services and education are provided through the onsite Chapel of Hope. The Hope House family attends church for worship together each Sunday and Wednesday evening. While Hope House does not require any child to adhere to any set of doctrines or beliefs, we do require respectful, appropriate behavior at all Hope House functions, including all religious services.

When youth reach their 18th birthday and depending on their conduct and level of emotional and cognitive functioning they might invite youth to stay at Hope House and continue to be an active member of the Hope House family. They are able to finish high school if needed and/or gain independent living skills and work towards their vocational and employment goals.