Q: What is the eligibility criteria for placement?

The following criteria must be met for a child to be eligible for placement.
– The child is male or female, between the ages of ten (10) and fifteen (15) and has a an IQ above 70.
– Custody is clearly established with an adoption degree or appointed legal guardianship papers.
– If child is foreign born US citizenship must be establish with a Certificate of Citizenship.
– No legal history of crimes involving personal injury to others, including sexual offenses.
– Free from communicable disease.
– No medical involvements requiring on-going nursing care (feeding tubes, etc.).
– A written referral from the youth’s general physician, psychiatrist, or mental health professional stating that there is a need for residential, long-term, alternative placement.
– Suitable bed space is available.
– All application materials and agreements fully completed.

Q: Do you provide respite, emergency or temporary care?

A: We do not.

Q: Do you provide treatment, counseling or other clinical services?

A. There is a therapeutic element to our daily environment however we are not a treatment facility, as we do not offer attachment therapy, groups, skills classes, family counseling etc. When/if counseling services are deemed appropriate; youth will receive individual counseling through local community providers.

Q: What type of credentialing do you have?

A. We are licensed by the state of Idaho as a residential care facility. Our onsite school, Hope Christian Academy, is accredited through Cognia.

Q: How is the cost of care paid for?

A: If applicable, SSA, SSI, and/or an adoption subsidy in the child’s name, is accepted towards the cost of care. Parents/Guardians review their personal finances and commit to a monthly amount of child support they can reasonably send towards their child care. The remaining cost of care, if needed, is provided by the financial support given to Hope House by individuals, churches and other organizations. Hope House does not accept insurance or state contracts.

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