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Thank You, Bacon for Hope!

So last month (sorry for the delay, been working on the Yearbook), a local restaurant, BACON, raised the funds for a new basketball court! We were all really confused when we saw the cement and workers, but excited for the new space! The court we currently have is really small and has been like that forever.

But more than just the gift, it means a lot to the kids (and staff) to know that someone outside of our little world cares about the kids here.

Check out this article and video from a local TV station who covered the dedication!

Definitely support this awesome, delicious local restaurant with a cause! They’re located in downtown Boise and it’s a beautiful space. Check them out and stop by if you’re in the area! I know I’m going to tomorrow!

If you’d like to donate towards the cause, but don’t live locally, you can give towards the GoFundMe!

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