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Student Essay – We’re One Country USA

One of our young students, S, is very passionate about politics and, although she doesn’t understand everything that’s going on, she has a wonderful heart. So this is an essay she wrote recently. 

I know what’s going on. I know that fights that have taken place in the USA. But please listen.

We are still one. It doesn’t matter that we fight, we are still a country that matters. We should never be a country that has no point. We are a part of God’s family. But we cannot be one country without God’s plan. I know all these fights and hurt that’s going on.

Please let this sink into your heart. I care and want people to know the real truth. It’s not just about one country together. It’s about you knowing the real truth and the real God.

I understand how it feels to be broken and mistreated and left hurt. But we are still one country, no matter what. This has been spoken.

Please don’t give up because of the wars and death of those you love and care about. The hope is this. Don’t give up. Keep fighting until you have finished. God will help us through this. So please don’t give up and not say we’re aren’t one because of the wars we have.

Those words are a lie, we are one no matter what happens. If God didn’t give up on us then we shouldn’t give up on each other. I hope we win our freedom back.

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