Driver's Ed Chapter 8

Driver's Ed Chapter 8

Welcome to your Driver's Ed Chapter 8

Idaho Transportation Department keeps your records

What is "The Non-Resident Violator compact"?

If you have 12 to 17 points in any 12 months, what happens?

When are you able to get points removed by taking a course?

Which is not a reason for The Courts to suspend your driver's license?

What is a restricted driving permit?

What is true about drunk driving?

What is true about consuming alcohol?

At .10 alcohol concentration the risk of crash

What does alcohol do?

If you are over 21 years of age, what is considered drunk driving?

Under your first conviction of driving under the influence, the criminal penalties are:

What happens if you refuse to take an Alcohol Test from a law officer?

Illegal drugs come in what three varieties?

What happens if you drive without privileges?

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