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Cause + Event: Boise (5K & 10K)

This weekend, the Cross Country team (plus a few others) participated in a 5K and 10K in Boise. Nate P, one of our staff, wrote this about it:

1) Today, we took the kids to a 5K and 10K. It was called Cause + Event: Boise. People were raising money for our kids. Their pain was one of the reasons people were running. They wanted to draw attention to our kids’ cause. And honestly, caring about kids from failed adoptions is a pretty good cause. People care and that is one of the things that make them wonderful.
2) The event planner allowed our student with cerebral palsy to ride a bike (he can’t run very well and it hurts him like crazy to run) in the race. And these races are great for our other kids but when someone goes the extra mile like that to show compassion, I just have to appreciate the extra ounce of compassion that makes people care like that.
3) One of the coaches from a team we play against in volleyball and basketball showed up to support our kids when she heard they were going to be running. I really appreciate it when people do that for our kids. It reminds them, the world has not forgotten them and that they still matter. It was a good, good day for far more reasons than that but those three are some of the things that stand out.

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